February 2004

Remote Posting for Movable Type

I would love to post using something other than MovableType’s default interface, but I’m not sure I can. If you can read this entry, my experiment worked and I am a very happy man. UPDATE: Ok, it worked. Sweet. Basically what just happened was I downloaded the source code to MovableType’s posting interface to a […]

California road maps, city street maps with CA travel directions print out maps drawn free

The Passion of the Christ

This movie is a travesty. It is simply a man being beaten and killed for two hours straight. Despite viewing it with excellent company, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. The violence is at an unbelievable level, and by that I mean I did not believe it possible for a man to endure […]


Xopus, the friendly XML editor – wow, the future of web development…

Home | contentEditable.com – Like Time B-L recommended…

Elena Rollers

Elena and Purissima are roads that parallel Highway 280, but with less traffic and better views. It’s the area of the Silicon Valley super-rich, and the ride is almost like a parade of homes. It is a 45-minute ride from Mountain View with some traffic luck, and the hills are mostly small enough to roll […]

No more lonely nights | A Danish positioning service for hooking up around town – Like ISIS Real-time events

BEING SPACES – Similar to Blender

DesignAid | Trade show in a box – for ISIS Blender?