Remote Posting for Movable Type

I would love to post using something other than MovableType’s default interface, but I’m not sure I can. If you can read this entry, my experiment worked and I am a very happy man.

screenshot of my unstyled remote MovableType interface

UPDATE: Ok, it worked. Sweet. Basically what just happened was I downloaded the source code to MovableType’s posting interface to a file on my desktop and changed the submission form’s links from relative ones (i.e. /cgi-bin/mt.cgi ) to absolute ones (i.e. ). Now, any computer I try this on will go find the posting program online and save my work.

More importantly, this means that I can customize the interface to my heart’s delight, putting input fields on any page and keeping unnecessary options hidden from users.

More polishing is no doubt needed, as this will almost certainly break MT’s superb error-handling and the program’s default success page is still within the standard interface.

I can’t believe this was so easy. It seems like it should be a bug. Things like this make me love HTML and open standards.