September 2004

Best online map and mapping tool – java applet works better than Microsoft Streets!

Lions Gate Films – The Final Cut – editing memories; but more interestingly, searching and archiving them.

Edward Tufte’s Ask ET RSS Feed

GetSkinned – Qute 2 – for Avant Browser!

Marginal Revolution: Economics of relationships – Megan will love this…why I don’t call as much as I should.

IHT: When looks count the most – the value of industrial design, focusing on customer/user experience and ZIBA design in Portland!

The Question of God . Local Schedule | PBS – set the VCR!

Powers of 10 in Java

folderblog – single-page php photo gallery with thumbnail creation

The New Yorker: The Talk of the Town – Suroweicki on selling to the poor of the world to help them; “It’s expensive to be poor”. Perhaps a better alternative to debt forgiveness?