February 2003

Color and Commerce

i’ve searched for months for an effective alternative to Pantone‘s color kit, which i can’t afford. but this morning, whilst shopping at home depot i picked up several amazing color guides for FREE in the paint section. sure, they don’t have the computer or printing codes on them, but they do suggest color schemes, which…more

Gotta Post

. . . just to fill white space. oh yeah baby.

So Very Productive

so i’m wondering if all this work i do online is desensitizing me to real, physical needs and work. recently i’ve found myself working for hours at a time on websites and computer applications, and at the end of that time, with my brain fried and my fingers exhausted, all that is different is the…more

The Death of Design

as a designer, i am often asked to create things that “look good” or “work well” or are “pleasing”. the trouble with this is that nothing is ever “pleasing” to everyone. in fact, the increasing amount of personalization in society today means that users expect everything they encounter to be tailored to them specifically, to…more

Highlights of yesterday’s websurfing

i surfed for a LONG time yesterday–check this stuff out: milton glaser’s comments on life cool location-based information (for conferences (or campus?)) a review of it is here. the digerati–from a few years back . . . (i met #2!)