So Very Productive

so i’m wondering if all this work i do online is desensitizing me to real, physical needs and work. recently i’ve found myself working for hours at a time on websites and computer applications, and at the end of that time, with my brain fried and my fingers exhausted, all that is different is the location of pixels on a computer screen. have i really done anything?

sure, i know that “knowledge” is being spread at an alarming rate; and with a few keystrokes i can say to a thousand people what it would take me weeks to tell them all personally–but i can’t help feeling like a sucker. somehow, i think, this is all worthless. while i have been typing away, i could have been cleaning, reading, drawing, sculpting, building, or lots of other “ing” words.

speaking of which, i’m going to stop typing and go exercise. later.