December 2003

Engelbart’s Bootstrap Institute – practices what he preaches

Douglas Engelbart’s Invisible Revolution


The curious thing about globalization is that our nice cushy jobs will be spread out across the world. The only option to continue our american dominance is by embracing the next tier on the economic ladder, namely experiences. If we do this, we will ensure our spot at the head of the pecking order for…more

Firefighters For Christ – amazing Christian music, Bible, and teaching multimedia resource

On Language and Meaning

For a while now, I have been fascinated by the possibility of using metaphor in design. For example, if a process works in the sport of cycling, why not apply it directly to business–“a person is a chain link”. I got started on this path by being unexpectedly fascinated by a panel discussion including George…more

Design is a good idea

Fantastic Tokien Browsable Encyclopedia

Notes on Self-Reliance

Being self-reliant robs others of the chance to demonstrate love through supporting you Self-reliance is thus self-ish

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We were always having to provide people with content