Notes on Self-Reliance

Being self-reliant robs others of the chance to demonstrate love through supporting you

Self-reliance is thus self-ish

I pride myself on my self-sufficiency

It keeps me from viewing people as a means to succeed; from taking advantage of them for their THINGS

But giving and sacrifice are the foundations of love; so I prevent others from loving me

Then am I surprised that I often feel unloved? Certainly I am loved; but I don’t allow others to show that to me

I insist that I be the one to sacrifice, that it is “no problem” to be next in line, and in fact it is not, because I love, which is only because I have sacrificed. When can others love?

A fundamental part of loving is allowing others to love. Jesus allowing Mary to wash his feet with perfume; allowing people to host and entertain Him; and how we must allow God’s sacrifice of His Son to be done so we can be reconciled to Him.

The religious backbone: In order FOR God to so love the world, He HAD TO give his one and only Son…it’s not like He had to pay the sacrifice someone more powerful, but rather had to sacrifice himself in order to love those He sacrificed for…is there more solid theology that backs this up?