February 2004

Remote Posting for Movable Type

I would love to post using something other than MovableType’s default interface, but I’m not sure I can. If you can read this entry, my experiment worked and I am a very happy man. UPDATE: Ok, it worked. Sweet. Basically what just happened was I downloaded the source code to MovableType’s posting interface to a…more

California road maps, city street maps with CA travel directions print out maps drawn free

The Passion of the Christ

This movie is a travesty. It is simply a man being beaten and killed for two hours straight. Despite viewing it with excellent company, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. The violence is at an unbelievable level, and by that I mean I did not believe it possible for a man to endure…more


Xopus, the friendly XML editor – wow, the future of web development…

Home | contentEditable.com – Like Time B-L recommended…

Elena Rollers

Elena and Purissima are roads that parallel Highway 280, but with less traffic and better views. It’s the area of the Silicon Valley super-rich, and the ride is almost like a parade of homes. It is a 45-minute ride from Mountain View with some traffic luck, and the hills are mostly small enough to roll…more

No more lonely nights | A Danish positioning service for hooking up around town – Like ISIS Real-time events

BEING SPACES – Similar to Blender

DesignAid | Trade show in a box – for ISIS Blender?