March 2004

Turning My Head

For millions of years, we lived on this earth with simply the knowledge of our own experiences. All the people we knew about were those within a few miles of our home; all our knowledge about the world was that which we had learned personally or from those living around us; all the places we…more

The Atlantic | March 2003 | Caring for Your Introvert | Rauch

idea a day – good brainstorming resource

Anil Dash: unsolicited advice – more about “output” of your good ideas

The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes (and other notes on the distinction between style and design): A List Apart

adaptive path ยป why content management fails – Jeff Veen says that the problem is not a poor technical solution; rather, bad content managment means bad content managers are in place. Hire an editor, not a CMS.

Ambient Design Ltd. – ArtRage painting software

E-Myth Worldwide – Articles: The E-Myth Revisited – The Entrepreneurial Myth

Stoplight Intervals

1 hour or less, intervals, city Inspired by a Velonews article on getting the best workout in a limited time, remembering my old TV movie ride (spin during the movie, go hard during the commercials), and facing a rapidly setting sun tonight, I devised stoplight intervals. The concept is to go hard between every other…more

Welcome to Usability News – 6.1 2004 – great articles on usability, the breadcrumbs and line-length ones for example