March 2004 – royalty free stock photography community – about $1.50 each

Paradox of Web Choice

A new book called The Paradox of Choice (excerpt here) has made it onto my Amazon wishlist. It chronicles the recent abundance of choices available in nearly every product category. One argument is that, with so many choices, the chance of making the wrong one, or one we regret, is increased. The comparison to web…more

PHP Photo and Image Gallery Script – – creates a gallery from a folder of images…

Morguefile :: free stock photos – more good ones

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | World getting ‘literally greener’ – is this yet another instance of us believing something because the alternative is too terrible to think about? Like the “outsourcing must be good” argument?

All Consuming: Book Info: The Art of Innovation : Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America’s Leading Design Firm – similar to my book on revolutionary design?

I love sleep

I got Epstein-Barr (“mono”) my sophomore year in college and ever since then I’ve been addicted to sleep. Before then, I was a typical Stanford obsessive, working myself into pits of sleep debt that had me falling asleep in class, staring at blank problem sets for hours with complete incomprehension, and getting sick at the…more

AIGA – Symbol signs – all the “universal symbols” Just Write: Bikqueers – hating cars and surviving in the streets

UNITED CAMPS | CREATIVE SERVICES – very clean design, minimal and clear