March 2004

Amazon Wishlist on my site

I managed to use Adam Kalsey‘s amazing MTAmazon plugin to put my entire Amazon wishlist (warning: big file) on my site–no easy task, considering it’s currently sitting at a hefty 163 items. Good thing Amazon doesn’t show you the total price of your wishlist alongside the number of items… I’ve long wanted to see all…more

Sky on Fire

Sadly, these pictures are barely a glimmer of what had been there minutes before. As I got off the train at 6:21 pm in downtown Mountain View, the sky was ablaze in reds, purples, and yellows, all swirling together in updrafts and downdrafts and sidedrafts in ways I had never seen before. The woman walking…more – Pope: Sundays for God, not sport – Mar 26, 2004

Deepak Chopra on staying cool in business – keep your emotions under control in business decisions or you’ll make the wrong call

Why outsourcing actually won’t help our economy after all – i’m so confused: first politicians tell me it’s hurting, then WIRED and FastCompany tell me it will help (eventually), now a government offical refutes that. I need an economist…

Beautiful simple blog design to emulate

Experiences and Web Page Elements

One of the recent discussions in my geekroll of blogs and news sites has been Mark Hurst’s resurrection of “The Page Paradigm“. In his own words, this is the idea that: On any given Web page, users will either 1) click something that appears to take them closer to the fulfillment of their goal, or…more

Screw it, I’m posting

So for a while now I’ve been resisting the urge to post things that haven’t been fully polished. I have my linkblog, suitable for things I like but don’t need to publish thoughts on, and I have this site, where I pontificate on matters esoteric and developed enough to demand publishing. Somehow I thought this…more

EntryList plugin for Movable Type – posted before, but THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SINGLE CATEGORY TEMPLATE!!! The tag is <mtentrylistincludecategory>

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