Amazon Wishlist on my site

I managed to use Adam Kalsey‘s amazing MTAmazon plugin to put my entire Amazon wishlist (warning: big file) on my site–no easy task, considering it’s currently sitting at a hefty 163 items. Good thing Amazon doesn’t show you the total price of your wishlist alongside the number of items…

I’ve long wanted to see all my items on one page, something Amazon does not allow you to do on their site. For those with sufficient bandwidth, it’s nice to see all items at once.

It’s a nice implementation, allowing you to grab pretty much anything from Amazon’s API and display it. I even steal their bandwidth for the images…but they can probably afford it. Hoping to use the same functionality for the books category of this site, as well as add a “related books” to the bottom of each individual posting (“The following books are related to Assault on Mount Umunhum…”)