July 2004

Remem: The Remembrance Agent – Nat’s Dashboard for the Mac?

Where * Johnvey Hwang * Intuitive Web Architecture – developer with great simple designs

The worst corporate logo I’ve ever seen – I can’t believe this is for a real company, particularly one in the business of high-level information security–it looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint! I would very much avoid business with them simply due to the logo.

worldtrade_2.mov (video/quicktime Object) – timelapse of trade center towers falling…

The Unskilled Designer (Tesugen, Peter Lindberg’s Weblog/Blog)

Writings on the Wall: Changes in a PDA Society – Justin Smith on the digital age

extisp.icio.us – charting the tags of del.icio.us users – visualizing information much like the search engine zeitgeist

Google Search: talmud see things as they are we

The Web Credibility Project: Guidelines – Stanford University

Web Flowchart Stencil – for OmniGraffle