July 2004

:: Bobulate :: Experience – cool-looking resume (PDF)

wg:DHTML Table Fun – reorder a table row by row; good for reordering a to-do list?

Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention: A List Apart – stop stealing my files!

Shared Traits of Events, the Web, Style, Flow, and Economics

This is a diagram I drew up while reading The Experience Economy, comparing the experience hierarchy in the book to specific realms in life and work. The comparisons aren’t airtight, but they do show a pervasiveness to the book’s theory that affords its interesting usage in fields like design, business, and psychology. Shared Trait Events…more

Notes from The Corporation

Notes from The Corporation, part of my movie binge week a while back: Corporate charters were originally a “gift from the people” to serve the people, for instances like building a bridge for a city, which could not be done by a smaller company The 14th Amendment (which gave all men equal rights) was also…more

TMBG in SF, August 14!

Blackbeltjones/work: War of the worlds: don’t believe the type. – similar idea to my entertainment blogging; typing alone will not be enough soon…

Cool Power Socket Design

Moleskine – new notebook for Megan?

Doing Something Different:A Weblog by Doug Miller – remembrance agent on the web