Shared Traits of Events, the Web, Style, Flow, and Economics

This is a diagram I drew up while reading The Experience Economy, comparing the experience hierarchy in the book to specific realms in life and work. The comparisons aren’t airtight, but they do show a pervasiveness to the book’s theory that affords its interesting usage in fields like design, business, and psychology.

Shared Trait Events Web Style Flow Economics
Personal Experience Individual Events Client Style Sheet Personal Style Subjective reflection of reality Experience Economy
How you change Personal Schedule Style sheet swap Change your style Change your reflection of reality Transformation
What you need Props for the events Many items on page Products used to form a whole style Experiences/Thoughts Product
How it is able to be “personal” People can “try on” a transformation; they are still themselves Separate content from style Style does not define absolutely, it is relative to context You can have different realities at different times Many experiences are part of one whole, a “life”, a “transformation”

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