September 2004

Jared Diamond on How to Get Rich – the evolutionary psychological way

cityofsound – has the best interaction design blogroll I’ve seen yet

elastic space › Mess TV: SMS and MMS community television – tv screen design

StanfordBlog Test – for styling tests with EditCSS for the Stanford Blog project

SCPD – Enrolled Students – Online Seminars – interesting stuff by Englebart, Knuth, etc.

Frederick Stout’s History of Utopias – the urban studies professor I’m learning from.

JavaScript Toolbox – Selectbox / Select Box Functions For Manipulating Options, Etc – do they work cross-browser (Mac esp.)? Good for dynamically ordering items, like in a playlist… – a project to embrace unstructured, fluid time; like UpNext depends on.

Advanced GTD workflow diagram – to print and try

Interesting schedule-based interface in Windows Longhorn