November 2004

Time Circle, displaying events as circles around you, moving closer as their time does

Art Fry’s stapler up for sale for charity

Naoto Fukasawa’s heater, new cd player, and hot water tap

Sciral – Consistency – for OS X, lets you set todos for a certain _range_ of time; “water plants every week”; like UpNext in ways? via 43Folders, where there is good commentary

Successful and happy people have less stuff – “In our day and age the virtues of brute force and stockpiling have been replaced by those of intelligence, lightness of spirit and clear focus, qualities that work best when unencumbered by too many books, cds, clothes, papers or unnecessary responsibilities.”

FTLCtimelines – OS X timeline program; also creates “time circles”?

Screenplay Systems – Product Walk-through – nice timeline view for writing stories; multiple levels and dimensions at each point

Core77 and Timex present 2154: The Future of Time Design Competition – lots of great entries, especially in the “notables” uncategorizable section…

Marginal Revolution: Is economic Armageddon coming? – on the falling dollar and impending investor retreat