November 2004

Marginal Revolution: Mexican mole sauce

Feedburner can combine a Flickr, blog, and linkblog into one RSS feed – perfect for the “lifeblogging” interface!

HypViewer Download – great 3d network viewer

Robert Putnam blames television for the decline of social engagement in America – does the Internet do the same thing? Or is it more like reading newspapers, which have the opposite effect?

eMachineShop – Online Machine Shop – with FREE CAD Software Machine your custom parts online

Wednesday, December 8, 2004: BayDUX (BayCHI) – “The Future of Digital Product Design”; same day as Tufte, unfortunately

Secret Santa – using Amazon’s wishlists

$30 disc brake mtb fork

Velonews RSS feed – courtesy of FeedBurner

Inside frog: Jobs: SF Designer II