December 2004

43Folders summary of the best parts of GTD

Ambient sounds used to inform traders of stock price changes

Phone Design competition and Japanese Design database – both interesting inspiration

Left-hander’s are more successfully violent than right-handers – while righties have little experience fighting lefties, lefties have plenty of experience fighting righties, and thus often win in a cross-handed fight

Cope’s Rule says that bigger is better – evolutionarilly, that is…

How much are gifts worth, when you factor in the giver’s value?

Cool rocking work chair

Jeff Bezos and Tim O’Rielly

Americans’ attitudes about religion – 9/10 say “Merry Christmas”; 96% celebrate Christmas, regardless of religion, though already about 84% say they are “Christians” and church attendance has risen 10% to 44% in the past 10 years, so that’s not too surprising.

People who don’t stalk in parking lots are less stressed, and are making the right choice!