December 2004

gapingvoid: purpose-belief – company mantras should not be dependent only on the company, they should reflect real human needs: “What these ideas have in common is: All the ideas can exist quite happily without their host companies.”

Designing for Civil Society: Aha – just listening doesn’t work well – people have to talk amongst themselves in order to learn

Why are refrigerators so deep? How about a shallow one? Easier to clean, to grab items. Another instance of people being allowed to keep more than is necessary?

White Dot: the international campaign against television

How to Fold a Shirt – wow!

When more isn’t necessarily better – idFuel, there’s a limit to how much we can absorb; similar from rootburn — the New Official Home of the Muppets!

quiet american – one-minute audio “vacations”/experiences…very cool, like we should do with Veritas talks?