June 2005

PageFlip v2 pre-release by Macc – www.iparigrafika.hu – very cool, open-source…

The following paragraph used Monotype Corsiva for its font. – supported?

great web fonts resource – rankings, popular choices, cross-platform information.

Code Style: Windows font survey results – most common fonts found on windows

Drawers in the stairs! – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals) – great idea to fit drawers under stairs; i like them under the bed as well. But better if you don’t need them at all…then you could have skeletons of stairs…

Google Search: denial style summer lyrics – the song on Comedy Central’s summer promo is “Swollen Summer” by The Bravery

Folklore.org: Macintosh Stories – and a great platform for storytelling in general…great stories about steve jobs, etc

gizmag Article: Intelligent Energy shows the ENV fuel-cell motorcycle prototype – very cool fuel cell minibike

Rivendell Catalog – Nitto Water Bottle Cage – absolutely beautiful water bottle cage