August 2005

Is Google up to Something? – old google results design showing up for people; strange…

Amazing counter-intuitive designs – hot-plate-styled coasters, lots of recycled goods, brick-styled handbag!

Cubicle action figures!

LEM Piston Stool | Uncrate – curiously similar to my freedom seat; international design award, you say?

Hex/RGB Color Converter – Hex/RGB Colour Conversion – JavaScript – HTML – Web Color – Hexadecimal

The Mythical Man-Month – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – great summary of the ideas in the book

Chewbacca wears the ultimate Man-Bag at Purseuing – I always thought it was a bandolier…

Psst! – made it this far looking for products

Jons Guides: Bluetooth Help Guide: Driver Installation – to connect any BT device to your PC

Palm Tungsten T Bluetooth USB Adaptor internet connection – updated windows driver for my iogear adapter?