November 2005 Macintosh Stories: Bicycle – Bicycles for the mind…”Apple had recently taken out a two page ad in Scientific American, featuring quotes from Steve Jobs about the wonders of personal computers. The ad explained how humans were not as fast runners as many other species, but a human on a bicycle beat them all. Personal…more

911Tabs.Com – External Link – Death Cab for Cutie tabs for I Will Follow You into the Dark

Fred Rogers on Google Video

Mr. Rogers, one of my personal heroes, did an extended interview with the Archive of American Television in 1999. Google put the entire thing, 4 1/2 hours uncut, online recently and it’s amazing. Watch the entire Mr. Rogers interview online. Back already? Ok, here are my favorite quotes from the interview…

Bill Watterson at Kenyon College – “Drawing comic strips for five years without pay drove home the point that the fun of cartooning wasn’t in the money; it was in the work. This turned out to be an important realization when my break finally came.”

Bill Watterson at Kenyon College – “A friend used to console me that cream always rises to the top. I used to think, so do people who throw themselves into the sea.”

Bill Watterson at Kenyon College – “If you ever want to find out just how uninteresting you really are, get a job where the quality and frequency of your thoughts determine your livelihood.”

Sony bouncy-ball commercial now online!

bookofjoe: Yohji Yamamoto Toilet Paper? – black toilet paper…fantastic.

Fairly Good Practices – simple things to make business non-pathological