November 2005

Acumen Fund talk

* Founder of Acumen was in marketing at Cisco * Malaria nets imperilled by sole buyer’s (UN) discrestion * So they are building new business models, with local salesmen * Water in India was always free and always dirty. Monetizing clean water was accepted and in fact changed the economy–men went to get the water…more

Bright Feet – Home – slippers with lights, not a bad idea…

Who Has Time For This?: Heracles’ Marathon to Olympus, Athena Awaits – fantastic never-say-die story of a flight to Greece

gladwell dot com – the bakeoff – “the decisive edge had come not from the collective wisdom of a large group but from one person’s ability to make a lateral connection between two previously unconnected objects”

gladwell dot com – the bakeoff – “…if you want to design a truly innovative software program — or a truly innovative cookie — the costs of bigness can become overwhelming.”

gladwell dot com – the bakeoff – If something’s new it doesn’t have to be perfect, and if it can’t be perfect then it’d better be new! “For those in the food business, the lesson was unforgettable: if something was new, it didn’t have to be perfect. And, since healthful, indulgent cookies couldn’t be perfect,…more

gladwell dot com – the bakeoff – “Those of us whose only interaction with such innovations is at the point of sale have a na

Welcome to – the Better Business Bureau on giving to charities

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