February 2006

Holophonic Sound – Google Video – another example of holophonic sound

Holophonic.ch | Flash Intro – dunno how they do it, but this sound stuff is amazing!

Wheels 4 Life – Providing Low Cost Quality Bikes for Third World Countries – bike-providing charity

Re~Cycle – Relieving Poverty by Taking Bikes to New Territories. – “Re~Cycle’s mission is to collect and ship second hand bicycles and parts to Africa. Local partners teach local people the skills of how to repair and maintain them, to improve their lives in a sustainable manner.”

MeaningofLife.tv – good stuff with E.O. Wilson

Color Palette Generator – makes a color palette out of any picture!

IDEO’s onsite brainstorming consulting

VisitorVille: Bring Your Web Site Traffic To Life — Now in 3-D! – try on a windows machine

Paul Saffo – Public Opinion – CIO Magazine Fall 2003 – “Americans may seem to be privacy-hawks, but they are also lazy and suckers for anything that sounds like a deal. Given a devil’s choice between privacy and convenience, the vast majority of consumers will choose the latter.”