February 2006

Sunset Palo Alto – great sunset calendar of times and graph

Apartment Therapy on Successful People & Less Stuff – “From having visited many, many people at home in the past three years, I can tell you that those that have been the most successful have had the least stuff around them and the most desire to get rid of even more.”

Washington Post: Why do we carry so much around? | 43 Folders

Ethnic and regional diversity – the effects of globalization on local populations. – composite photos of 100 people from different cities

Malcom Gladwell on the power law of homelessness – Philip Mangano, Bush’s homelessness czar: “It is very much ingrained in me that you do not manage a social wrong. You should be ending it.”

GrApple – Aronnax`s Firefox Themes – make FF look like it belongs on the Mac…

Matt Kahn Exhibition at Stanford Gallery – amazing video of Matt talking over pictures of his paintings. Finally, Matt Kahn stuff online!

Jump Associates – new website, lots of great resources and readings!

Steve Haas podcast on AIDS

Fitzsu.com: Wedding Registries, Unique Modern Gifts, Alessi, Iittala – hug shakers, another store