April 2006

plusminus: C’ALL future phone – “Imagine the device that unites everything that you carry along: a mobile phone, a player, your credit and discount cards, your apartment and your car keys. We have imagined it and now introduce you to the future.”

Dr. Brilliant Vs. the Devil of Ambition – “But in the long run, preferences don’t matter to your success or to your happiness. They distract you from seeing what is most important to you. The point of life is to transcend the smallness of the finite self by identifying with things that last.”

Dr. Brilliant Vs. the Devil of Ambition – “There are people who get exactly what they want. You think they’re the lucky ones, but they’re not. The lucky ones are those who do what they are meant to do.” – Neem Karoli Baba (Larry Brilliant’s guru in the 70s)

Irish Times by Patrick Street on Rhapsody – containing song from Napoleon Dynamite

Deals/Coupons on bike parts – new forum

Americans More Likely to Donate Money, Not Time, to Charities – “Gallup’s annual Lifestyle survey finds that most Americans have donated money to a charity in the past year, but fewer have volunteered their time for charitable causes. One in seven Americans say they have donated blood in the past year. The poll finds variations…more

Adjustable Curve Template (24 in.) : Sporty’s Tool Shop – very cool, for transfering curves…

Q-Phrase: Next Generation Search – interesting contextual search products; without keywords, browse-based

biomega – copenhagen bike is cool…internal drive, internal shifting, disc brakes, slick fenders…if only it was folding too…