April 2006

Bike Nashbar.com – Nashbar Tube Cutter

The New Yorker: The Critics: Books – “Marriages thrive on stories. They die on conventions.”

Signum sine tinnitu–by Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Driving Your Competition Crazy – crazy bold business ideas: “During the Korean War, the U. S. Army Office of Strategic Services left a supply of condoms for the Communist Chinese to find. The condoms were specially manufactured in an extra-large size. The label on the boxes, however,…more

Signum sine tinnitu–by Guy Kawasaki: Six More Crazy Stories – great crazy stories about bold business moves

m03.gif (GIF Image, 300×214 pixels) – cool bike pivots in the center along the bike’s axis

bikepartsusa.com – Product 01-130061: SHIFTER SHI HB SL-8S20 8s-NEXUS REVO () – the shifter, $17

bikepartsusa.com – Product 01-115360: Shimaon NEXUS SG-8C20 8s CB 36H NO SHIFTER (shimano) – $154

Alfred E. Bike – Parts & Accessories Catalog – nice cheap 700c black disc rim

The Nata village blog – talking about the problems controlling HIV/AIDS in an African village

Thyme – A PHP Calendar – Embedding a Calendar – embed an iCal calendar in a PHP webpage