September 2006

VIDEO: Interbike ’06 – The Towle Files: Andy Jacques-Maynes, Product Manager, Specialized

Interview with Michael Lewis about The Blind Side – I’m about halfway through

Aaron Swartz’s post on using Bemani games (e.g. DDR) to produce transformations

Cool sky photo – good for a painting?

Best Simpsons episode ever–Homer sees an alien–The Springfield files

Creating Passionate Users: Ease-of-use should not mean neuter-the-software – the perils of designing for the lowest common denominator.

Sanders Says: A Mission Statement that rocks: The End of Suffering – all mission statements should be this ambitious, e.g. “Organize the world’s information”, “End suffering”. Specifically how you do it can be more focused and narrow, but your *mission*, *why* you’re doing it, should be broad and ambitious.

The Shopper Bicycle / Bike Trailer – BicycleR Evolution – cool, simple, cheapish

Still Playing After These Years on Flickr – Photo Sharing! – James Watson on making models: “It was a symbolic gift, since Watson

RealClearPolitics – Articles – Bring Them Freedom, Or They Destroy Us – fascinating alternative article on how the Middle East works