September 2006

Filed Notes – ZIBA Design’s ethnography work in China for Lenovo…which led to their purchase of IBM!

Einstein on what counts – “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”

t-list: T-shirts – another of my ideas hits the streets…

Plan, organize, store and share. Get Zoho Planner – looks really good for external todos

The Seeds of Ahimsa – “Gandhi gave up most his possessions because he felt it unjust for even one person to claim ownership of property while others remain unjustly dispossessed. “If I take anything that I do not need,” he said, “I thieve it from somebody else.”

Gandhi’s worldly possessions, Birla House, Delhi. photo – Steve Plattner photos at

Birla House, Gandhi’s home in New Delhi. photo – Steve Plattner photos at