February 2007

Continuously-variable planetary transmission – uses rotating balls to change gear ratios…nice animation shown.

ThrustPac – Empower Yourself – crazy fan-powered propulsion in a backpack! Like a horizontal jetpack!

Ning – new Ning poses some interesting possiblities…a social network for every group you’re in…

Don Norman’s jnd.org / Why doing user observations first is wrong – “Let

Wengomeeting.com – video conference – in Flash, no registration required, up to 5 users at a time…pretty nice!

Insurance Executive Fakes Own Life | The Onion – How different is this from most jobs? “But I just couldn’t keep it up. I couldn’t stand the lies. Faking your own life is harder than it looks.”

TopStyle and AlleyCode both seem to be like Taco HTML Edit (with live preview), but for Windows…

Interesting Gallup poll on religion and evangelism – finds an emphasis on living well personally or converting others to your beliefs, not direct social action: “Only a small percentage of highly religious Americans — 15% — believe the best way to spread their religion is to change society to conform to their religious beliefs.”

“No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett

The Myth About Creation Myths – Story – Background – Origin – Don’t quit your day job: “In other words, companies aren’t born in garages. Companies are born in companies.”