February 2007

The Kamusi Project | The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary – also cool for looking up domain names!

1videoConference – Open Source Instant Video Conferencing, No Downloads, No Installations – well…except that you have to run WinXP and install an applet. Still, looks good, and their demo is inspiring

Vyew – another whiteboarding tool, this one with chat + phone number to call in

Imagination Cubed – virtual whiteboard for one-time use from GE…stylish though

Thinkature – Real-time collaboration for the web – very cool virtual whiteboard in a browser

Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir – my favorite Pinot Noir

Cloudy Bay chardonnay – my favorite chardonnay

Benessere Black Glass Zinfandel – my favorite zinfandel

Connect 18 – wow, cycling+travel+watching tv+learning a language…exercise classes where they teach you languages while you work out! Only in SF…