February 2007

How to praise your kids – It turns out you should praise them for their effort, not their intelligence. If you praise kids for their intelligence, they tend to avoid tasks they fear they will fail at.


IDEO’s bicycle project – results in a mass-market easy-to-ride prototype

Against T-shaped people

Consider this my plea for the design community to stop using the term “T-shaped people”. It’s demeaning, over-simplistic, misleading, and dangerously-influential, which combined with the prior three traits makes for trouble–that starts with “T”. For those not familiar with the term, consider exhibit A: [IDEO](http://ideo.com). A great design firm based in Palo Alto, with a…more

Marketing as it should be: “

June Walker: Tax & Financial Advisor to the Self-employed since 1979: Designers Dozen: Tax Saving Tips for the Graphic Artist

Notes on Creativity

“Innovation” seems poised to become *the* business buzzword for the next few years, just as “design” has been for the last few. But for all its hype, it’s clear that, as was the case with design, there is no real understanding of what real “innovation” is–e.g. beyond the merely bizarre–or how to get more of…more

bookofjoe: ‘I have yet to meet a person who’s under 20 who would not give up email first’ [before texting or IM]

Traveling man

In Lake Tahoe this morning, Mountain View by 1pm, on a plane in Vegas now, and in Philly by morning. My body doesn’t quite know what to do with me…

“I am teaching you how to see as opposed to merely looking, and stopping the world is the first step to seeing.” – Carlos Castaneda’s don Juan