March 2007

Links about the newspaper debate Two obstacles to improving online newspapers

YouTube – Eric Schmidt at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference – interesting video

Foonz – Free Conference Calls and Group Calls – like it sez…looks easy too.

Hyperbolic discounting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – “The functional equation for hyperbolic discounting is as follows: v = V / (1 + kD)”

Hyperbolic discounting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – “Hyperbolic discounting refers to the empirical finding that people generally prefer smaller, sooner payoffs to larger, later payoffs when the smaller payoffs would be imminent; when the same payoffs are distant in time, people tend to prefer the larger, even though the time lag from the smaller…more


World’s weirdest indoor cycling trainer – for astronauts (big .mov file)

Bicycle Design: What kind of bikes can change the world? – “I have no problem with heavy slow utilitarian clunkers, but lets face it, people all over the world are abandoning those bikes as soon as they have the means to do so. The bikes that have the most potential for change are the ones…more Snug Plug Drain Stopper – Set of 2 plugs (2 packs) – (White) – Large Set of 2: Kitchen & Housewares – finally, a great drain plug!