May 2007

evhead: You have to decide what game you’re playing There are several established games: 1) The Big Game 2) The Little Game 3) The Fun Game You can also make up your own game.

TED Talks: Robert Wright – Google Video – a great intro to my favorite author’s ideas

Debunking Christianity: What Would Convince Me Christianity is True? – attacks only the straw men of fundamentalism, however.

The keys to creativity – from Edward de Bono: “There are three things that are necessary for creativity; motivation, thinking skills and lateral thinking.”

Better living through self deception ( – how our thoughts and memories impact our performance and experience…”Perhaps the way to true personal achievement and happiness is through lying to yourself instead of being honest, loafing instead of practicing, and purposely forgetting information.”

TerraCycle Inc – beautiful business model: they take trash (organic waste), compost it using worms, then package it in old soda bottles bought cheap from schools who collect them as fundraisers and sell it as organic fertilizer.

“We do not spontaneously learn that we don’t learn that we don’t learn.” – or, “We don’t learn that we don’t learn that we don’t learn”.

Wondermill Webworks – User Experience Designer Required – a good level to shoot for with any design: “When people have created an account with one of our products, they should shed a tear because the experience is over. They should write ballads and march from town to town reading them to anyone who’ll listen. They…more

Pedal Revolution Donations – good home for old bike stuff