May 2007

shelter in a cart – designboom – designing a shopping-cart-sized portable home for the homeless

archibald – designboom – what to do with a big metal radiator? Repurpose it to steam and dry your clothes!

milkmoments – designboom – world’s coolest cereal bowls…

bookofjoe: I’m in search of a lifestyle that does not require my presence – just love the title quote, by Kinky Friendman

YouTube – Invisible Boards by Spike Jonze – seriously, this is what it feels like…magic. Especially the last scene.

TuneCore: Welcome – indie artists can easily get their music sold on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc…

Cheap whiteboard poster board

Peel-and-stick whiteboard sheets

Rainbow Liquid Chalk Markers – Blick Art Materials – multi-surface whiteboard markers?