June 2007

Clayton Christensen on why it’s hard for companies to innovate – and why it’s so rare that companies pull it off: “Never does an idea pop out of a person’s head as a completely fleshed-out business plan. It has to go through a process that will get approved and funded. You’re not two weeks into…more

Clayton Christensen’s Innovation Brain – interesting that he puts limits on the iPhone’s true success possibility: “The iPhone is a sustaining technology relative to Nokia. In other words, Apple is leaping ahead on the sustaining curve [by building a better phone]. But the prediction of the theory would be that Apple won’t succeed with the…more

Notes from The 4-hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss thinks that you can work your job four hours a week, from anywhere in the world, still make enough money to live luxuriously, and do it for your entire life. Sound good to you? Me too. His book, The 4-Hour Workweek, explains the ways that he and other “New Rich” (NR) have escaped…more

Morning and evening commutes

On the morning commute, I listened to Doug Pagitt’s Sanctuary talk, where he talked about BodyPrayer, which incorporates movement and body position in prayer. On the evening commute, I watched David LaChapelle’s Rize (trailer), where kids from South Central L.A. cite dance as the thing that saved them from gangs and gave them community, and…more

Notes from War Photographer

War Photographer (Netflix, Amazon) is the story of James Nachtwey, a photographer of wars, famine, and poverty for over 20 years who recently received the 2007 TED Prize (acceptance speech). Despite his life in extreme situations and places, Nachtwey reminds me in many ways of Mr. Rogers, one of my heroes. His personality and even…more

Doug Pagitt at Sanctuary – “Second-order faith”: to talk about your faith. Real Christianity is lived; reflecting on it, talking about it, and hearing about it are secondary activities.

Things Stefan Sagmeister has learned

The self-described “compulsive list-maker” shared these in his talk at TED in 2004. Complaining is silly. Either act or forget. Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid, I have to live now. Being not truthful works against me. Helping other people helps me. Organizing a charity group is surprisingly easy. Everything I…more

<a title=”Zentation.com Presentation – “Guy Kawasaki – 1159×1095 [1159×983]” href=”http://www.zentation.com/viewer/index.php?passcode=epbcSNExIQr”>Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Innovation – “Always ask the people who are adopting your product or service why they’re doing it, then give them more reasons to do it. That is very different from asking the people who are not adopting your product why…more

Article on how children aren’t allowed to run free anymore – I was thinking about this while reading Calvin and Hobbes last night; Calvin, of course, runs free all over the place, as did I growing up. It was great. The report “warns that the mental health of 21st-century children is at risk because they…more

Smashing The Clock – “At most companies, going AWOL during daylight hours would be grounds for a pink slip. Not at Best Buy. The nation’s leading electronics retailer has embarked on a radical–if risky–experiment to transform a culture once known for killer hours and herd-riding bosses. The endeavor, called ROWE, for “results-only work environment,” seeks…more