June 2007

mob incentive: Home – fascinating…raise money as a prize for the first person to do something you want. Like endowing your own X-prize on anything that’s important to you!

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock | Uncrate – my alarm clock got “lost” in the move…maybe this would be a sufficiently-annoying replacement?

Amazon.com : Cannibal Apocalypse: DVD – hee hee: “i had very high hopes when i bought cannibal apocalypses…” It’s very hard to find non-war movies about Vietnam, but this is still pretty bad.

cbs4.com – Bob Barker Hosts His Final Showcase Showdown – “Here I am, 83 years old, been doing something I love all of my adult life.”

Bob Barker’s last show – “He hosted for 35 years. He is 83. That means he started hosting when he was 48. So at that age he was still able to find a carrier to begin that would be his life work – Awesome.”

Welshman Sings Opera; Impresses Simon Cowell – Yahoo! Video – just, wow.

The Dilbert Blog: Minutia – Scott Adams liveblogs his day; how he creates Dilbert!

Notes from God’s Debris

[](http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Debris-Experiment-Scott-Adams/dp/0740747878/bobdesigns-20/) Scott Adams rambles all over the philosophical world in [_God’s Debris_](http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Debris-Experiment-Scott-Adams/dp/0740747878/bobdesigns-20/), his first non-Dilbert book, which attempts to slaughter most of the world’s sacred cows. This book of philosophy surprised his fans when published in 2001; after all, most times a celebrity in one field takes on another, we end up with something like…more

Stuff question

After moving our lives to Berkeley last weekend, and then reading the insurance contract I signed with U-Haul where they disavow all responsibility for the stuff I haul in their trucks, I have a new question I ask myself when dealing with the things I own: *If this thing was completely destroyed in a fire,…more