July 2007

Cycling cadence to match heart rate?

Crazy cycling thought of the day: There’s been a lot of research on how your cadence affects your heart rate–for a given power output, there is usually a cadence that creates the lowest heart rate for an individual. But could there be a correlation the other way? What if your blood flow worked best when…more

“Virtual groups, where people brainstormed individually, generated nearly twice as many ideas as the real groups…In addition, in the studies where the quality of ideas was measured, researchers found that the total number of good ideas was much higher in virtual groups than in real groups.” – from The Medici Effect, which I desperately need…more

“The other guys think the purpose of communication is to get information. We think the purpose of information is to get communication.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder. There’s really something to that…if organizing and supplying information is a service, then communication is an experience using that service–a higher-level offering. I think Zuckerberg’s limiting this to…more

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: A Question and a Quickie – why not to sell out to merchandising: “Animated movie tie-ins with fast food places are always the same thing: the kid’s meals come with a toy from the movie, thus cementing the idea in people’s heads that animation is for kids only and…more

Notes from The Ten Faces of Innovation

[](http://www.amazon.com/Ten-Faces-Innovation-Strategies-Organization/dp/0385512074/bobdesigns-20) Tom Kelley’s book [The Ten Faces of Innovation](http://www.amazon.com/Ten-Faces-Innovation-Strategies-Organization/dp/0385512074/bobdesigns-20) defines ten personas (thankfully not “named”–Bob, Sally, etc–just titled) that exemplify roles in an innovative team. They aren’t job titles or exclusive positions, and people can work across roles as well. * The Anthropologist, who observes people and discovers ways to help them * The Experimenter,…more

Blurb | Self publish your own book

Smart Recharge Station – unclutters wires; probably easy to build one

Two dishwashers

Overheard: > She actually stored all her dishes in two dishwashers, one for dirty dishes and the other for clean. That way she could take dishes out of the clean one to eat and put them in the other when they were dirty. When that one was full, she ran it and it became the…more

Films for the Humanities and Sciences – Educational Media – The Launch: A Product Is Born – a reality show about a product design firm…too bad this one didn’t make it past the pilot.