October 2007

Ride today from Berkeley to Crockett and back – about 70 miles, 4500 ft of climbing. Ouch.

Way pretty bottle cage

Understanding Customer Experience – “Customer experience is the internal and subjective response customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company.”

Algeria property for sale – Properazzi – just across the Mediterranean from Nice…

Magnet Skateboards – could they do for skateboarding what clipless pedals did for cycling? Another good link

Notes from The Making of The Incredibles

I love “making of” documentaries about great filmmakers. Every time I watch one of these, I’m blown away by how much work it is to make a movie–it’s all the business of making products, plus all the creativity of making art. On a recommendation, I picked up the “bonus materials” disc for _The Incredibles_, written…more

“Everybody’s debt is somebody else’s asset.” – Warren Buffett, explaining why he doesn’t worry too much about interest rates affecting the overall economy.

“Stanley designed [the Fubar, a new kind of hammer with an appetite for destruction] because today

U.S. Army enlists anthropology in war zones – “American officers lavishly praised the anthropology program, saying that the scientists’ advice has proved to be ‘brilliant,’ helping them see the situation from an Afghan perspective and allowing them to cut back on combat operations.”