October 2007

Humour: How To Talk To Non-cyclists | BikeRadar.com – “Non-cyclists aren’t ready to hear about your exquisite existence in its unadulterated perfection. No, you will need to translate the sublime cycling experience into terms they might be able to understand.”

A Brief Message: Arrogance and Humility – “Figuring out how to be arrogant and humble at once, figuring out when to watch users and when to ignore them for this particular problem, for these users, today, is the problem of the designer.”

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test – “Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?” Whoa.

Malcolm Gladwell on the future of work – “We will require, from a larger and larger percentage of our work force, the ability to engage in relatively complicated analytical and cognitive tasks…Jobs have gotten harder and more demanding. You’re still going into the same place and wearing the same clothes, but a lot more is…more

“We have given people virtually unlimited access to data, to information; the next question is, can we give them better tools for making sense of that information…I’m quite prepared for the possibility that the next revolution is not going to come from a machine; it’s going to come from creating a more thoughtful work force…more

“It seems that the more complex an organization gets, the more likely it is that inefficient and unproductive businesses accumulate in the nooks and crannies and back alley–and sometimes right up there in center aisle. These businesses are subsidized by their cousin, brother, and sister businesses that are doing well, and they stick around for…more

“If you ask a group to put aside the bullet points and just write three coherent paragraphs about what is changing in an industry and why, the difference is incredible. Having to link your thoughts, giving reasons and qualifications, makes you a more careful thinker

“I use another tool I call ‘value denials.’ These are products or services that are both desired and feasible but are not being supplied to the market…A classic example is an airline ticket guaranteeing that your luggage will not be lost. It just isn

“Then in 1998 I had the chance to talk with Steve Jobs after he’d come back and turned Apple around…’Steve,’ I said, ‘this turnaround at Apple has been impressive. But everything we know about the personal-computer business says that Apple will always have a small niche position…What’s the longer-term strategy?’ He didn’t agree or disagree…more

Apparently, Tour de France cyclists used to get their drinks by stealing them from stores – “The chasse a la canette? Well, that translates into ‘hunting for cans’ – drinks cans. Riders would get off their bikes at the sight of a bar, run inside, grab all they could off the shelves and out of…more