October 2007

fietstocht.com – my new hero

One year by bicycle – Including “the warmup, across the USA…I expect this to be a tough, but not too strenuous ride that gives me a good chance to get both myself and my equipment in better shape.” Wow.

Another unique saddle:

A couple unique saddle designs: Adamo racing saddle, Moon saddle

63xc.com–How To | Magic Gear – adapting a frame with vertical dropouts to support a fixed gear…or a coaster brake, like I need…

Low-stress Freeway Driving

I’ve found two ways to drive on the freeway with low stress: be the fastest driver on the road, so I only see slower cars in front of me; or be the slowest, so that I only encounter faster cars behind me. But in the latter case, it’s really the cars behind me that have…more

“The idea of the program is that a good way to learn about a new idea is to write about it. As someone who’s written a lot, I can attest to the validity of that. I’ve never learned as efficiently about something as when I

YouTube – Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Inside the Google machine – both Larry and Sergey went to Montessori school…interesting (8:45)

Bret Victor’s website – some very fun stuff here.