December 2007

What one man learned from saving his trash for a year – “The vast vast vast majority of trash comes from food packaging. Packaged food is less nutritious, on the whole, than fresh food. Packaged food, ounce for ounce, is often more expensive than fresh food. I’ve learned that making less trash, by consuming less…more

$10 or 10 minutes

A while back I posited that [the best way to save money was to not spend it]( As an extension of that, I’ve been considering a rule to “not sweat the small stuff”–namely, not worry about price differences less than $10. If I’ve decided to purchase something, and a price difference of less than $10…more

Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less – pretty interesting recipes…10 minutes is about my limit.

BNET Book Brief: The 4-Hour Workweek – great video summary of the book; well worth watching.

Felt Bicycles 2008 – some more cool city bikes…man, these things are springing up everywhere.

Elkhide Sewn-on Bar Covers – pretty slick, nicer than any tape I’ve seen.

Brodie – 2007 – very cool city/commute bike, simple and slick.

TED | TEDBlog: Why design? Philippe Starck on – “With billions of people who have been born, worked, lived, and died before us, these people who have worked so much, we have now bring beautiful things, beautiful gifts, we know so many things. We can say to our children, OK, done, that was our…more

“You must and will go on at all costs including comfort and health and kicks; but keep it kickwriting at all costs too, that is, write only what kicks you and keeps you overtime awake from sheer mad joy.” – Kerouac to Cassady

Once – Music From The Motion Picture on Yottamusic – actually great music from the movie, which was fun as well.