December 2007

Ekaggata “means ‘one-pointedness’, or the state of having one point”

Notes from What Happened to Kerouac?

About once a year I read my dog-eared copy of _On the Road_, and for a few days dream of road trips, ’50s cars, poetry readings and camping. The lifestyle expressed in Kerouac’s books is so unique yet so consistent, so I was interested in the life of the author, since I didn’t really know…more

Why do teenagers take too many risks? – “It turns out they estimate the costs of drinking and drug-taking pretty accurately, they simply see the benefits as higher than older people do.”

FREE RICE: FEED HUNGRY MINDS, FEED HUNGRY MOUTHS – play a game, donate rice. They’re doing so in a way that lends itself to one more “bottom line”–you could use the linguistic results to power a natural-language computing engine.

“Sometimes incompetence is useful. It helps you keep an open mind.” – Roberto Cavalli. Well, that’s always been my strategy.

Corporate Design Foundation – Interview with Michigan’s Governor – Jennifer Granholm a designer? This plus Detroit’s resurgence makes for interesting prospects…

Design at Anthropologie

An [absolutely amazing article about Anthropologie’s design process]( and how they run their company. I could quote the entire article, but below are a few of my favorites. Also don’t miss [their incredible office design](, evolved from Philadelphia’s abandoned Navy shipyard. Perspective is everything: > Our customers are our friends, and what we do is…more

Notes from The Mystery of Picasso

[This remarkable film]( shows the process of Picasso creating 20 different paintings, using a camera mounted behind the translucent canvas. You see his process of trying things out and discarding them, prototyping the work directly on the canvas. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and wanted to view this since viewing a short clip…more

Detroit: the new Wild West for creatives – whenever I’m back in Michigan, I do think it would be a great (and cheap!) place to start a company…from the article: “It’s a familiar story: pioneering artists and creatives move into an abandoned industrial area, infuse the place with creativity and the life that only the…more