December 2007

How to edit your OS X hosts file – the command in Terminal: sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

Aptera – amazing, a futuristic car at 300 MPG and under $30K…and it’s actually being built.

“I believe advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.” – Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad

Taking things seriously – Caring more for fewer things may be my favorite way of avoiding consumerism and building sustainable products.

SimpleDB from Amazon – let Amazon handle your database as well as your files and hosting!

Photo: Steve Jobs at home in 1982 – “This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that

2007 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards – more great high- and low-tech inventions.

Windbelt – Third World Power – Wind Generator – WAY cool way to generate electricity by harnessing wind on a micro or macro scale!

Disappearing Car Door – nice rethinking of the car door…