October 2008

“The starting point for a new way of thinking is to give up the fantasy that there was once a golden age to which we can return. What might have been a golden age for one segment of society was a time of torture for other segments.” – Fred Taylor. Good to keep in mind…more

It’s striking to me that the place Christianity is growing fastest–China–is where it is limited by law to churches of fewer than 25.

Immersive design – “The immersive design process attempts to describe two simultaneous entwined tasks: 1) To design intact worlds that are coherent, have interior logic, contain history, geography, surface, metaphor and story, and allow an audience to be fully immersed in both environment and story. 2) To put in place a non-linear immersive process that…more

Melee – looks like a nice distributed/digital brainstorming app, virtual sticky notes; supports clustering and prioritizing as well…will be released in a couple days

Notes from The Silmarillion

When I read The Lord of the Rings, I was endlessly intrigued by the references Tolkien made to the ancient history of Middle-Earth. What had really happened there? Why was it called Middle-Earth? How did the events of LOTR fit in with the rest of its history? So it was with great anticipation that I…more

Manta Bicycle Saddle – it’s certainly different…

One Dollar Diet Project – a couple lives on a dollar a day each for food.

Toyota’s “Winglet” personal transporter – I like this thing a lot; like a Segway you can carry around.

“Don’t just do something, sit there.” – Zen saying

Sleeping in a room with a fan lowers a baby