February 2009

Kevin Kelly reports on Amish technology adoption – “One Amish-man told me that the problem with phones, pagers, and PDAs (yes he knew about them) was that ‘you got messages rather than conversations.’”

Imagining the Internet – good list of books and resources for forecasting and concept design

Saul Griffith expands on his previous analysis of the energy we need and use as a planet. Really compelling stuff; who wants to start an energy company?

“It’s not bad to own fine things that you like. What you need are things that you GENUINELY like. Things that you cherish, that enhance your existence in the world. The rest is dross.” – Bruce Sterling

Flexitarianism – describes my diet pretty well. Here’s another good article.

Fun with the conference bike – a 6-hour adventure yesterday.

Songsmith fed with Stock Charts – if the news were a song, here’s what last year would sound like.