November 2009

Andrew Zuckerman’s Bird book

Incredible photos of birds in a beautiful, elegant site design.

Give stories more room

“Malcolm Gladwell…suggests that the people with the best stories are those whose jobs involve lots of sitting around with their colleagues; cricketers, for instance, or pilots. I’d suggest its not just the sitting around, its sitting around while half paying attention to something else: the match, the automatic pilot. This leaves enough room for proper…more

Sesame Street Google logos

<img src=”” /”> All the Sesame Street Google logos have now been posted in hi-res format; makes a nice desktop background!

Our Mission

“Mission is revealing to others their fundamental beauty, value and importance in the universe, their capacity to love, to grow and to do beautiful things and to meet God.” – Jean Vanier.

Geniuses or bozos

“In an interview in 1998 he explained that this choice of only four product platforms made it possible to put the A team on to every one of the products, and do away with B or C team players. Outside the interview he would have referred to the groups as “geniuses” or “bozos” – in…more

If someone’s checking their email in your meeting, maybe your meeting isn’t good enough.

In a networked world of abundance, people have no time for the mundane.

Technology and happiness

“Since the 1950s, reports of major depression have increased tenfold…People are more anxious, trust government and business less, and get divorced more often…There is, though, one group of Americans that is imperturbably sunny: the Amish. Their depression rates are negligibly low relative to the rest of society’s. Their happiness levels are consistently high.” – James…more

When was the last time you had an epiphany while speaking?

Hearts make us human

[Adam, a mentally handicapped man] taught me that the heart is more important than the mind…Didn’t Thomas Aquinas say that human beings are thinking animals? Well, Adam didn’t think. Adam had a heart, a real human heart. I suddenly realized that what makes a human being human is the heart with which he can give…more