May 2011


Just found [this]( 10 minutes from my house. Uh oh.

Giro a Milano

It’s a special treat to be able to leave your house at 9am, travel to another country, watch the world’s greatest cyclist win the most difficult Grand Tour in recent memory in one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, and be home to sleep in your own bed that night.

Literally Unbelievable

I still remember the exact moment I realized that I didn’t have to believe everything I read in books; that some things that are printed are not actually true (it was embarrassingly late, I’m afraid). Apparently [some people have yet to make that leap](

Notes from Art and Copy

Some interesting quotes from the Art and Copy film: A lot of times people think of risk in terms of challenging convention. And that’s one form of risk. I don’t think it’s the most important; I think it’s kind of an easy shot.  I think the real risk comes in being willing to try to…more

Engineering cartoons

[Some unique sets of cartoon character body parts]( that you can mix and match to make different scenes. Clever idea.

Realistic GTD

[Tony Schwartz shares some realistic tips for getting important things done]( I like the idea to plan your first activity the night before, and spending 90 minutes on it before thinking too much about it. His philosophy of limiting your conscious decisions also rings true; [as Flaubert said]( > Be regular and orderly in your…more

He’s back!

Never let people define you by their terms

Some powerful words by [John Jay, a real-life Don Draper]( How does a consultant help a company? > Understand the truth of who they are, understand their soul, and then make that soul relevant to a greater number of people. How do you stay fresh? > One of the great challenges for all of us…is…more

Clever people

Just found out that a single coworker of mine: 1. [Played drums in They Might Be Giants]( 2. Created [Wordle]( 3. Built [a tool to discover accidental haikus in Twitter]( I think he wins the internet.

Uncontacted Amazon tribe on aerial video

I can hardly believe that today [there are still people living completely uncontacted by the global society]( I know the “noble savage” concept is out of favor these days, but wow. It’s a beautiful thing to see a completely independent culture.