2015 – Toward health and happiness

This was a good year for growth in body and soul. Feeling healthy, calm, and ready for adventure!

  • Enjoyed lots of adventures with the family, including 2 visits by my parents to California, our annual beach trip to Michigan, time in Tahoe, Santa Barbara for Easter and Christmas, and perhaps most importantly time away as a couple in Northern California and Colorado.
  • Got as fast on the bike as I’ve been in over 10 years, riding an 18:43 Old La Honda, 31:28 Montebello, 9:20 Redwood Gulch, 26:46 Kings Mountain, and 43:10 Gibraltar over 8,210 km and 127,051m of climbing. Lots of indoor training with Zwift, which makes cold 6am mornings in the garage bearable.
  • Inspired by a Body Spec scan, lost almost 20 pounds on a simple diet of mostly vegetarian proteins and fats: vegetables, salads, avocados, eggs, cheese, oils, nuts and nut butters. Followed a bunch of Tim Ferris’ slow carb diet tips. Tastes great, satisfying, and good for my energy levels, which used to vary wildly throughout the day and are now steady and strong. Kill the grain brain!
  • Read 38 books, lots of science fiction “just” for enjoyment, but a few that shifted my mindset a bit. Most impressive were Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (a new design hero), Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, and Eaarth by Bill McKibben. Lots of learning about our changing world and future possibilities.
  • Got my brain under control through regular mindfulness meditation with Headspace. 147 sessions over 46 hours this year, and I can finally steer my attention toward things I want and away from stressful and painful things I don’t.
  • Simplified our lives of clutter and mess with 2 separate weeks of focused cleaning and expunging–each time the week around the new year. Definitely a positive annual tradition, though we always find a way to fill them up again…

And with that we’re off to 2016! Thanks to all family and friends for their support this year; excited to see what comes next.